AdsMan - Facebook App

Advertising loved by users

Providio AdsMan is a complete solution for delivering better ads to users. Advertising that engages the users and is loved by the audience.

AdsMan tailors and automates social advertising to enable better performing and more engaging ads.

The application is designed so it requires a minimal amount of permissions. For example the only permission required from Facebook API are: manage pages, read insights,ads management and ads read.

Our solution enables advertisers to efficiently manage pages, create engaging ads and campaigns users will love, and analyze performance metrics of advertising.

Providio AdsMan saves time with automation and efficient workflows to create and manage ad campaigns. Some of the actions that are optimised and made possibly by server-2-server integration include:

- upload video
- upload image
- fetch account/campaign/adset/ad insights
- fetch campaign/adset/ad settings
- update campaign/adset/ad settings
- pause campaign/adset/ad
- create campaign/adset/ad

Application is continually developed and updated according to changes in Facebook API.

Below you can find privacy policy for Facebook app AdsMan:

Privacy Policy